little givers

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little givers

"Good minds without good hearts lead to devastating consequences...We need smart, but we need good as well. We need parents as concerned with children's principles and ethics as much as they care about their SATs and GPAs." (taken from an article by Lori Borgman entitled "Brainy Kids Coveted, But Where's The Soul?")

The Little Givers Program is available two different ways.

(1) Organizations can license the Little Givers 10-week curriculum package for use in your school, summer camp or store. We are happy to customize the program to work for all age groups and locations. We will support you in creating your own Little Givers experience.
(2) Parents can purchase our "Little Givers Box" which includes (3) selected class projects, books, and all the supplies needed to complete the projects (for up to 4 children). The Little Givers Box is great for playdates and makes a meaningful birthday or holiday gift.

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