little givers

Little Givers introduces children to the concept of charitable giving, encourages social awareness and illustrates how an individual's actions, no matter what age, can impact the world around them. Little Givers programming involves children in age-appropriate activities that benefit their local and global communities - the program encourages children to take on projects that directly impact local homeless shelters, senior centers, and children's hospitals, as well as other community organizations. In addition, a segment of classes focuses children on how their actions affect and impact the environment.

Little Givers strives to instill each child with a life-long love of giving back to their communities and an understanding of how they can start and continue to make an impact on the world throughout their lives. Parents are encouraged to share and participate in the Little Givers experience.

The Little Givers curriculum, developed and taught by certified early childhood education specialists, is specially designed for children (ages 4-6) to stimulate social awareness. It's never too early to start learning to give back!

Little Givers is proud to work on projects that directly benefit our community, including:

The Bowery Mission
Seattle Children's Hospital
Cobble Hill Health Center
Bed-Stuy Against Hunger
Penny Harvest

little givers

"My son adored the Little Givers class. He came home each week with an excitement about helping the less fortunate. It's impressive to get children so young to be thinking about others." Jen G, mom of Jason, 4 years

"The kids really get into the projects and are excited to think about who they are helping each week." Taryn, mom to Jesse and Ryan, age 4

"Little Givers opened up a dialogue at home about how we can give back as a family." Vanessa, mom to Dahlia, 4 years

"I was very impressed with the way the Little Givers program engaged my daughter with the weekly projects, while simultaneously teaching her a real understanding of what is means to help others." Mollie, mom to Eliza, age 4

"What a great concept. The world needs more givers, of all ages." Cori, mommy-blogger, Lunch with

"What a fabulous and empowering idea!! Teaching "Living Empathy" to little ones and making acts of generosity part of the fabric of the lives!! KUDOS to you!" Pam Koner, Founder, Family-to-Family,

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